Breakfast Networking

The breakfast meeting format is a simple and effective way to start your day energised, full of new ideas and new connections.

These meetings are a mix of seminars, mini workshops, general networking and keynote speaker presentations – there is something for everyone.

Each breakfast is hosted by a Council member who provides the facilities and acts as the session host. Members enjoy a short breakfast and the opportunity to mingle with other attendees for the first 30 minutes.

After the initial breakfast, the session then breaks into a presentation run by the host. Each of these sessions are educational in nature and in some instances the session also involve a panel of speakers.

Finally, attendees are invited to give a 30-second “elevator pitch” about their business and can write down any potential referrals on a referral slip to be passed on after all introductions. Word of mouth recommendation & referral is and will remain the best way to win new business. (Council business breakfasts focus on quality referrals, not quantity, so participants are free to network without undue pressure.)

Host a meeting

Host a ITC breakfast meeting and bring potential customers, suppliers and partners to your business.

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Typical format of a breakfast meeting

7.30:      Meet, chat and grab some breakfast

8.00:      20 minute (maximum) presentation, workshop or seminar

8:20:      10 minutes of questions and comments

8.30:      Short introduction by each attendee (if you want – no obligation), more networking, chat, and referral passing

8.50:      Exchange of referral slips (if required)

9.00:      Meeting finishes

Why participate?

  • You want to learn about new and interesting innovations from other business leaders
  • You are looking for new customers and/or suppliers
  • You need additional expertise in areas such as sales, marketing, management accounting, or even legal advice
  • You want to receive training on new business development and managing your business
  • You find that running you own business can be a lonely place
  • You want to start the day by doing something different!


Although we expect regular attendance, we do not demand that members pass business at every meeting. We believe that quality referrals are most likely to be generated through open communication in a committed group, where the members know and trust each other.

Passing referrals and leads

The passing of referrals is absolutely not be a regimented affair – if you wish to ask someone to do something for you or to refer them to an associate then you can do this during this time without feeling any pressure. We would rather you passed one lead a year that was ‘live’ rather than 20 a week just to keep up the numbers! There will be pads on the tables for notes and referrals.

Other opportunities

Business owners and managers also have the opportunity to promote themselves by providing give-aways at the place setting of each attendee, and/or they can donate and announce one of several raffle prizes drawn each month.