“Blacklist” of corrupt government officials from Central America to be published

August 17, 2018. On August 14th, President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law. The Act includes a requirement that the U.S. State Department publish “the names of senior government officials in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador who are known to have committed or facilitated acts of grand corruption or narcotics trafficking.” Congresswoman Norma Torres (D-CA), who co-sponsored the provision, commented that the new law would hold corrupt officials in the region “responsible for their actions.”


July 30, 2018. The U.S. Congress has approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act targeting individuals in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador for their alleged involvement in political corruption, money laundering, drug trafficking and other crimes. The bill is expected to be sent to President Trump for his signature.  https://www.insightcrime.org/news/brief/us-dept-state-create-central-america-corruption-blacklist/

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