Bizzi Announces Its Small Business Collaboration Summit

Global small business collaboration platform bizzi has taken the next step in its mission to have 12.5 million small businesses collaborating on its platform by 2025.

In this world-first online event, more than 30 entrepreneurs and experts from around the world reveal how they grew their businesses through collaboration, and why collaborating is the fastest way to business success.

The Small Business Collaboration Summit will take place on 27-29 November.

Interviews have been conducted with entrepreneurs from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, India, Israel, Kenya, Germany, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, United Kingdom and the United States.

“We wanted to get into the minds of entrepreneurs who have built exceptional businesses and have them share their success secrets with the world’s small business owners,” explained bizzi co-founder, Miriam Feiler.

“So we approached them and interviewed them, and their message was clear – businesses that collaborate supercharge their growth and impact. The interviews we will present during the Summit are filled with insights and clear strategies that small business owners can implement immediately,” added Miriam.

bizzi would like to thank everyone who graciously gave their time and knowledge for the benefit of small businesses.

As part of bizzi’s commitment to help small businesses grow without being held back by limited access to resources, opportunities and contacts, attendance at the Summit will be free, with costs being covered by bizzi and its sponsors.

All existing bizzi members will have automatic access to the Summit, while nonmembers can register simply by heading to

The Small Business Collaboration Summit is at More information about bizzi can be found at

Miriam Feiler
Co-Founder, bizzi
T: +65 9237 5663