Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Legal problems don’t have to be long, arduous legal battles. Contemplate the many alternatives to problem resolutions; ADR, or Alternative Dispute Resolution, is the term used to describe various methods to assist in solving your legal problems that do not involve courtroom time.

ADR includes different methods outside of court proceedings that still result in legally binding agreements. Alternative resolutions that the Council can provide are:

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation

Why use Alternative Dispute Resolution?

  • Smaller legal fees
  • No pointless time delays – months to years with legal procedures
  • Clear directives for decision-making
  • Emphasis on conciliation between parties
  • Resolves quarrels without resorting to court litigation
  • Assists to build successful relations
  • Services are private, confidential and without prejudgment
  • Your lawyer can still advise you
  • Helps parties reach their own solutions
  • The process is solution driven and allows for creativity
  • Leads to co-operation & win-win settlements

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