Benefits of Running a Webinar

Hosting Webinars Develops Authority and Trust

Hosting a webinar enables your company to highlight its skills, knowledge, products and services. The webinar would also benefit from the human element, it allows you to put a real face to your company, which assists in engaging your audience to become emotionally invested in your business.

Sharing Your Ideas

The first of many reasons to love webinars is the opportunity to present yourself as a thought-leader by expressing your ideas, values, and facts. This attracts attentions and creates positive awareness and traffic.  There is both a direct correlation to something “live”, but also the viral impact of people expressing their desire to attend your webinar.

Relationship Building

Your audience gets to hear and interact with you, which lets your credibility and connection build faster and deeper than through text, or a pre-built video. It’s the next best thing to meeting people in person, with the added bonus of scaling to thousands of people without travel expenses. Webinars also have increased value versus articles as they keep you top of mind as someone who is worth listening to.

A 30 second commercial doesn’t let you reach your prospects on as deep a level as a webinar does. Keep in mind that people do business with people not companies. In a webinar you have the time to allow the attendees to get to know you as a person, not a company, and learn the insights and content you have to share.

Raise brand awareness

A business is easily promotable via webinars, especially when high quality content is being delivered rather than a direct sales pitch. With minimal overhead to take into account, the business promotion afforded by hosting a webinar is also extremely cost-effective. Your business exposure can grow exponentially for little to no financial outlay.

Audience Creation

If the other benefits didn’t come into play, this fifth benefit of expanding your audience base would make the return on investment of webinars extraordinarily compelling.

Best of all, the information and education you offer in your webinar serves to qualify your audience, informing them about your products, services and skills – and creating the perfect sales lead in the process.

List Building

The International Trade Council will provide you with a list of registrants and attendees for later follow-up.

Running a webinar in partnership with the International Trade Council is completely free of charge to our members (although we do reserve the right to restrict access to the scheme at any time).