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Strengthen overall relationships with members and increase exposure of member’s business by creating awareness of Council benefits.

What is an International Trade Council Ambassador?

The Ambassadors are professional groups from a variety of backgrounds who serve as Council member liaisons. Their goal is to encourage meaningful participation within the Council’s programmes and services for new members in an effort to create member commitment and increase member retention.

As an International Trade Council Ambassador, you’re a front line representative for local and international businesses alike. You assist in the promotion, development, and volunteer support of various council events. These efforts are appreciated and extremely values by the Board of Directors, Council Staff, and Membership during your one year term as Ambassador.

What do Ambassadors do?

As an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to select what activities you want to complete to fulfil your programme service requirement. These may vary from region to region, but can include:

  • Attend grand openings, ribbon cutting, and other community events
  • Play a visible role at all Council functions
  • Serve as a mentor for new Council members
  • Conduct member surveys and soliciting member feedback
  • Call and visit other members to ensure the Council is meeting their needs

Depending on how many members are in your region, an ambassador may also present an orientation sessions for any new members.

Why become an International Trade Council Ambassador?

The Council’s Ambassadors have an insider’s view of local, national, and international business, including legislation affecting business while being able to position themselves as category experts. They are the first to greet new members of the Council and have the chance to place their business’ name in the spotlight.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

  • Greater knowledge of all Council activities
  • Increased business prominence through Council activities
  • Recognition in Council publications as well as social media networks
  • Awareness of any new business activities happening in the community
  • Connections with local entrepreneurs and professionals, leading to a network of business contacts and clients
  • Increased name and face recognition for you and your organisation
  • Amazing networking opportunities
  • Potential media coverage from attendance at Council events
  • An insider’s perspective of the local business community
  • Introductions to local business and community leaders
  • An opportunity to demonstrate community pride
  • Special invitations to Council events
  • Recognition via “Ambassador of the Quarter” and “Ambassador of the Year” awards
  • Training on professional skills

You will personally network for fellow Council members by verbally promoting their services and goods to the other members or potential members. Ambassadors also provide continual leads and information about new business ventures within the community. Being an Ambassador is being committed to conduct yourself in a manner that creates community trust and confidence in the Council. High standards, ethics, and integrity will be personally promoted through you.

Earn Points*:

  • Bring a new member in to the Council = 10 points
  • Recover a past‐due member = 5 points
  • Refer a potential new member = 3 points
  • Greet attendees and distribute information a mixer (check‐in table) = 2 points
  • Work at a trade show exhibit booth = 2 points
  • Attend a ribbon cutting event = 1 point
  • Call 5 current members = 1 point

Spend Points on Perks & Recognition*:

  • 150 points = FREE annual membership
  • 50 points = Ambassador profile in print and on‐line
  • 30 points = 1 Years of Banner Advertising on an ITC website page
  • Earn 5 points per month to automatically be included in special Ambassador‐only activities and to be recognized as an active Ambassador in the newsletter and on our social media

Requirements of being an Ambassador:

  • Be a current member or employee of the International Trade Council’s member
  • Have your employer’s approval to participate in the programme
  • Serve for a period of one year (January to December)
  • Provide a minimum of five hours each quarter of service
  • The signature of your employer on the Ambassador Application form is required showing approval of your active commitment, participation, and of your business’ support of this Council Ambassador Programme. This guarantees that the business member is aware of what the Ambassador Committee entails.

How do I apply?

  1. Fill out the online application.
  2. You will be contacted by the Ambassador Chairperson or the Membership Director, after careful review of your application.

This is an excellent opportunity to expand your network list, get involved in the greater business community and cultivate your business while expressing one of the largest business organisations in the world.

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(Coronavirus Pandemic)

Notice Date: 30th March 2020

The health and safety of our staff and contractors are of paramount importance. As such all ITC staff have been advised to work from home for the next 30 days and avoid all non-essential travel. This may reduce accessibility of staff via phone but, pending individual internet issues, most trade commissioners should be accessible via email.

The Council’s IT infrastructure systems are redundant and we use tried and tested collaborative tools that allow full remote working for all staff and contractors. As we use an IP-based phone system, all of our contact details will remain the same.

All webinars, conferences and trade missions are temporarily paused pending the end of the 30 day home quarantine period. The Trade Mission to Malta, Trade Mission to Estonia and Trade Mission to Finland are being re-scheduled for August 2020. Pending any major changes in the current Pandemic situation, Trade Commissioners should update attendees within the next 45 days.

All accounting functions and non-trade-related functions are temporarily paused for the 30 day home quarantine period.

The Council recommends all businesses follow the WHO guidelines which give some useful practical advice for workplaces.

Please stay at home if possible and stay safe!

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