Apply to Become a Volunteer Mentor

Mentoring can be defined as a developmental relationship in which a more experienced person provides support and guidance to a less experienced person.

Mentoring goes beyond the traditional teacher-student relationship – effective mentors serve as advisers, coaches, teachers, sounding boards, cheerleaders, and critics all rolled into one.

Mentors give those with less experience an opportunity to improve their understanding of practices, discuss problems, and analyze and learn from mistakes in an atmosphere that is collaborative, constructive, and confidential. The International Trade Council suggests that Mentors have at least five years of experience as a senior manager; however exceptions may be made by the Program Coordinator.

This application form needs to be completed by all Volunteer Mentors who would like to be placed on the International Trade Council Mentor register. Please complete all of the fields below as completely as possible. (Until we have received all the required information your name will not be added to the Council’s Mentor Register).

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