B&B Attachments Expands its Service Team

Material handling specialists B&B Attachments knows that every forklift attachment requires regular maintenance to ensure that it performs at its optimum levels. Maintenance is essential to prevent issues before they affect productivity. It also helps prolong longevity and keeps the attachment safe and compliant to legislation.

The number of attachments covered under B&B service contracts has grown significantly over the last year, with new national service contracts in place with major forklift companies throughout the UK. To support the growth of B&B’s after sales service and the additional demand for new contracts, B&B’s team of fully trained service technicians, engineers and administration team has also grown. The expanded field based team of 22 operate from service vans which are based strategically throughout the UK.  Each B&B service van is a mobile workshop fully equipped with test equipment, hose making equipment to allow most repairs to be carried out on-site.

The B&B Service Engineer Team are able to carry out a range of diagnostic checks on specific types of attachments on-site to ensure that equipment is always at its optimum performance level. B&B’s service contracts ensure that a “competent person” completes the maintenance requirements on all types of standard and specialist attachments.

B&B offers a range of flexible service options to suit site and contract needs. Its fully inclusive service contracts allow essential preventative maintenance to be carried out at a set fixed cost for the period of the contract. This service contract includes the cost of any call outs and any replacement parts required, with the exception of keg clamp tines, forks, rubber pads and any damage, misuse and abuse of the attachment. A fully inclusive service contract ensures attachments are regularly maintained to the manufactures recommendation, whilst also increasing productivity by preventing downtime.

B&B Attachments also offers a pay as you go maintenance option where the customer can pay for each service and examination as it is completed. All the costs are discussed and agreed with the service team and aligned to suit the customers’ budget.

The variety of preventative maintenance, service and repair plans available from B&B ensures that the service support team will help its customers’ choose, with confidence, the best service plan for their individual requirement and budget. The B&B team will ensure to find a plan to match any business need. Its customers’ can be safe in the knowledge that every B&B engineer is dedicated to maximising the uptime of a fleet. Please contact B&B Attachments Service and Support Team for more information www.bandbattachments.com