Bawbawon Hospitality Group Extends Its Commitment To Sustainable Development

Dubai, UAE – With the world and island life in particular being under attack with the impact of global warming, it is critical that islanders demonstrate their own commitment to sustainable development and lead the way for the rest of humanity. Our vision of eco-tourism is based on just that.

Guests and tourists from neighboring towns board the boats that bring them to the island to enjoy the refreshing air and relaxing beach. Away from the city’s air pollution, they want to get rid of transportaion’s smoke pollution to follow them to Bawbawon. We have joined forces with Selcoms DWC LLC and BOOSTplus to ensure that everything that has to use fossil fuel and in particular diesel. With this, every boat that arrives, resides or departs our island will be as near emission free as possible keeping our air on the island as natural and clean as we can.

With BOOSTplus we will not only reduce our cost base of diesel fuel consumption by an average of 20%, but will also reduce our carbon emissions (CO2) by the same amount. The most critical factor to deploy BOOSTplus is the reduction in particulate emissions on all our transport and power systems of between 60% and 80%. This will mean that from the time our guests board our ferries and cross to our island, they do so with only 80% of the previous carbon footprint and without polluting the air with particulate emissions. They leave the smog, city pollution and smells of diesel fumes behind to enjoy pure fresh air for the duration of their visit to give their lungs a holiday and time to recuperate as well.

Being island-based means everything has to be transported in. Being able to reduce our fuel consumption so significantly has meant a reduction in our operating expenses that enabled us to accelerate our investment in renewable energy and local employment with the same budget as before.

Rob Mortimer, Sales Director of Selcoms DWC LLC said: “When Bawbawon approached us with their proposition it seemed to us to be an idyllic opportunity to prove how the base function of BOOSTplus can help make island life more sustainable and pollution free. Their commitment to sustainable eco-tourism is clearly demonstrated with this investment in clean air for their island, but it also reduces their operating cost and from month 2 they have reduced their expenses on fuel and they can redirect the savings into other projects, making their project more financially viable.

When we committed to eco-tourism and a sustainable project, we never considered the possibility of being able to reduce our fuel operating expenses or to remove the smell of diesel from our generators and boats without very expensive capital investment. BOOSTplus has simplified this for us and in one stroke reduced our operating costs and helped us clean up our air and remove the smell of unburnt diesel fumes and particulate emissions. We look forward to a long and happy association with Selcoms”, said Robert Saceda II, Bawbawon’s Chief Green Officer.

About Bawbawon Hospitality Group
Bawbawon Hospitality Group, is an operator of hospitality infrastructures and services like resorts, restaurants and recreational facilities in Seychelles, United Arab Emirates and the Philippines. It is one of the leading hospitality businesses in the Philippines which strongly supports eco-tourism and sustainable development. A sister company of CRESCO Holding Group registered in the Seychelles with various offices in Asia and Latin America.

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