Aversan launches next-generation System Integration Solution

Aversan is excited to announce the release of its leading-edge System Integration Lab solution. The AvSIL will be available starting in the third quarter of 2016 as part of an integrated testing solution. The AvSIL offers an affordable, flexible System Integration solution that can quickly adapt to changing program requirements and can be easily repurposed for use across multiple test programs, reducing lab bring-up NRE costs and lead time, and allowing multiple test programs to share the same test platform and hardware. Aversan’s SIL is a real-time hardware in the loop system integration and verification facility. Plant simulation models and facility control laws run on a powerful multi-core server with a real-time 64 bit operating system (RT Linux). Models can run as fast as processing resources permit, with ability to interact with each other at frame rates greater than 10kHz and interact with physical interfaces at a rates of 1kHz.

Aversan’s SIL has been developed based on our 10+ years of industry experience, working with the largest Tier 1 suppliers to support end-to-end product development. The AvSIL is designed from the ground up to meet aerospace system integration, and verification and validation needs. Integrating easily with your existing test processes, it provides testers the tools they need to execute test programs quickly and efficiently. It’s innovative design runs on the latest high-performance hardware to offer powerful testing and logging tools, and its flexible I/O interfaces can directly interface with common airborne hardware and sensors with no custom or one-off hardware required.

For more information on the key features of the AvSIL download the product brief: www.aversan.com/downloads

About Aversan

Aversan is an AS9100C certified global engineering company offering products and engineering services both on and off site. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, we are leaders in engineering design, development, integration and verification of mission and safety-critical embedded systems for both the commercial and military aerospace and defence markets.

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