Aurum Institute Global Inc



Member Level: Standard Member
Contact Person: Nikole Read
Address: 300-1090 Homer Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 2W9
Phone: +1 604 330 9925 Fax: +1 866 803 4438
Website: Twitter: @AurumInstituteG

The Aurum Institute is a Vancouver-based leader in training and delivery of customized educational content to organizations and individuals at large.

Aurum’s programs and solutions are designed to meet unique needs of adult learners, and satisfy their companies’ requirements for organizational training and development.

Services include:

Operational Training and Certification
Operational Manuals Creation
Policy Manuals Creation
Business Continuity Planning
Documentation Production
Records Management
Workforce Training
Formalization of Business Policies
Standardization of Organizational Procedures
Workshops for Unionized Environment
Executive Coaching Programs
HR Policy Propagation Across Multiple Sites
Workforce Training for the New Economy