Ask a Legislator

Assisting in Relationship Building with your Local Legislators

Do you need to reach out to a local legislator but aren’t sure where to begin?  Not sure who your local legislator is? Are you interested in arranging a round-table business discussion with a Legislator?

The International Trade Council can assist you with these and other legislative issues by acting as a bridge to local government agencies and legislators for a variety of issues.

The Council is available to help members:

  • Conduct research and present factual information on a variety of issues related to local, national and international business issues.
  • Ask legislators about certain issues of importance.
  • Keep legislators informed about important business events, challenges and successes.
  • Invite legislators  to meetings, forums and events.

Please note that the Council does not act as a lobbying organisation of any kind. The Council team is able to mediate on issues of importance and work to present a range of options to facilitate the progression of issues which are deemed importance to ITC members, but it is not able to act as a paid ‘lobbyist’ in any manner.

Mass Emailing Legislators

The International Trade Council does not provide an online form where you can simply enter your contact information and automatically email your legislators. This is because that we believe these automated forms are not as effective as personal communications.

We do, however, understand that these automatic systems do offer a quick and easy way to voice our opinions. When a legislator receives thousands of these automatically generated emails on an issue, it allows him/her to get a general feel for the opinions of their constituents.  However, legislators and their staff put a far greater importance on personal calls and letters. Each legislator is different, so we can’t make a general statement about whether paper letters, emails, or phone calls are the best way to contact your own legislator. Remember though, making it personal matters!

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