Asian Tigers Mobility

K. C. Dat Freight Solutions Pte Ltd

Contact: Stanley Ong
#01-13 Cargo Agents Building ‘C’, Changi Airfreight Centre
918103 Singapore
Phone: +65 6545 0244
Fax: +65 6542 3931

Asian Tigers Mobility is a leading provider of international relocation solutions. Each year Asian Tigers Mobility companies move thousands of families to their new homes from every corner of the globe. Asian Tigers Mobility provides a comprehensive end-to-end mobility service tailored to your transferee’s needs ensuring their smooth transfer. We are committed to delivering the very best moving and destination services in the industry without compromise.

With 30 offices in 14 countries and territories; a combined annual turnover of more than US$115 million, backed by more than 1,500 full time dedicated, professional staff, we represent one of the strongest relocation groups in Asia.

Accredited Freight and Logistics Firm