Our Four Areas of Focus


  • Share information on trade-related opportunities, standards and regulations.
  • Create relevant partnerships with appropriate trade and investment agencies, industry bodies, business, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.
  • Promote the development of educational tools that teach good corporate governance.
  • Support legislators and businesses to work more effectively, creatively and collaboratively.
  • Engage in educational advisory services and activities .
  • Nurture future leaders.

Community Development

  • Prioritize the development of human and economic resources within the jurisdictions of the Council’s constituents.
  • Coordinate international workforce and business development strategies.
  • Promote understanding and nurture bi-national business growth.
  • Publicize cultural, educational, social, and geographical opportunities of constituent members.
  • Provide technical assistance to trade and investment agencies, industry bodies, business and entrepreneurs.
  • Promote initiatives that improve infrastructure and the lives of the communities in which our constituent members operate.

Economic Activity

  • Provide trade and investment agencies, industry bodies, business and entrepreneurs with the appropriate tools to support their economic development plans.
  • Assist with planning for pre-venture and existing business developments.
  • Develop and promote public-private partnerships committed to improving and diversifying local economies.
  • Research new technologies and services that have the potential to impact economic growth.
  • Increase international trade and investment opportunities for the Council’s constituent members.
  • Promote long-term economic competitiveness.


  • Promote the development of commercial solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Advance industry standards, regulation and public policies that ensure vibrant, just, and sustainable economies.