The International Trade Council (ITC) may charge the following general arbitration costs and fees when presiding over an arbitration case:

  1. Administrative Fee: A non-refundable fee for the administration and management of the arbitration process, which includes case registration, document handling, and coordination of communication between the parties. This fee is currently set at $1500 USD.
  2. Arbitrator's Fee: The fees charged by the arbitrator(s) appointed to adjudicate the case, based on an hourly or daily rate as determined by the ITC or agreed upon between the parties and the arbitrator(s). Typical arbitrators fees range from $150 - $200 USD per hour.
  3. Venue and Facilities Fee: The cost of securing a suitable venue for the arbitration proceedings, including room rental fees, audio-visual equipment, and other necessary facilities.
  4. Travel and Accommodation Expenses: Reasonable travel and accommodation expenses incurred by the arbitrator(s) and ITC staff, if the arbitration proceedings are held at a location that requires travel and overnight stays.
  5. Expert Witness Fees: Fees charged by expert witnesses who may be called upon by the arbitrator(s) to provide independent opinions on specific matters in the case.
  6. Translation and Interpretation Fees: Costs related to the translation of documents or interpretation services during the arbitration proceedings, if required due to language differences between the parties, their representatives, or the arbitrator(s).
  7. Transcription Fees: The cost of preparing a written transcript of the arbitration proceedings, if requested by the parties or required by the ITC.
  8. Postage and Courier Expenses: Charges related to the mailing or couriering of documents and materials between the parties, their representatives, the arbitrator(s), and the ITC.
  9. Awards Publication Fee: A fee for the preparation, printing, and distribution of the final arbitration award, as well as any supplementary awards or corrections that may be issued. This fee is currently set at $500 USD.
  10. Legal and Professional Fees: Fees charged by external legal counsel, financial advisors, or other professional consultants who may be engaged by the ITC to assist with the arbitration process. These fees are typically not required unless the case is complex. In such an instance the parties will be informed in advance.

Note: The actual costs and fees for each arbitration case may vary depending on the specific circumstances and complexity of the dispute. The ITC may require the parties to pay a deposit or advance on costs before commencing the arbitration process, and any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded to the parties at the conclusion of the case. The final allocation of costs between the parties will be determined by the arbitrator(s) in the arbitration award.