Announcing SureStore – A Trade Finance App Store

Toronto, Canada, February 26, 2019 – Surecomp®, the global trade finance fintech leader, announced today the launch of SureStore, an industry first app store offering best-in-class applications for banks and corporates trade finance departments. Today’s announcement comes on the heels of Surecomp’s successful roll-out of APIsure, its open API platform that enables the rapid adoption of these new products and services.

Available now in the SureStore are four apps from handpicked, best-in-class fintech companies: Trafinas by Conpend, AGGREGO by SemSoft, Wave and WalkMe. Each of these companies is already working with leading banks around the world, SureStore serves as a platform for Surecomp clientele to utilize these services and bring the most state-of-the-art digitalization and automation into their systems. Additional apps from vetted and approved vendors are expected to roll-out in the coming months.

With a focus on trade finance digitalization, automation and compliance, Conpend, a Netherlands based fintech, offers market leading technology to streamline back-office operations and reduce risk. The Trafinas solution provides robotic process automation (RPA), Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML) detection and augmented Document Examination based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract data from unstructured text.  “Utilizing Trafinas will help users improve efficiency of the workflow that is managed by Surecomp’s back-office system and reduce risk when processing trade finance transactions”, said Marc Smith, Founder and CEO of Conpend.

SemSoft, a French fintech company, has a unique regulatory technology offering. SemSoft’s LESTR relies on their AGGREGO system to automate and streamline regulatory compliance, including TBML, anti-terrorism policies and more while keeping a full transaction audit for future reference. “SemSoft’s technology will aggregate and augment all relevant trade finance information and display it in one convenient place for Surecomp users”, said François Paulus, founder and president of SemSoft.

Wave, an Israeli fintech company, has launched a pioneering B2B decentralized blockchain network allowing for the secured exchange of original documents. The technology digitizes the transfer of title of bills and certificates, effectively eradicates disputes and forgeries. Wave mitigates risk and eliminates environmental impact. “Wave is excited to partner with Surecomp, spearheading trade finance technology for the 21st century”, said Gadi Ruschin, CEO and Co-founder of Wave.

WalkMe, headquartered in San Francisco, has partnered with Surecomp to enhance the user experience of its digitalized core systems. WalkMe’s solution offers a simple step-by-step navigation guidance, facilitating the onboarding process so that users can easily and efficiently learn the program. “The WalkMe platform will help people who are new to Surecomp software get up-and-running quickly,” said Gilad Friedman, VP Channel Sales at WalkMe.

SureStore is the industry’s first platform for banks and corporates to rapidly adopt innovative products and services. “SureStore is the actualization of our pledge to enable our client’s digital future”, said Eyal Hareuveny, Surecomp president. “As our world becomes increasingly digital, the market demands new, easy to use solutions that will save time and money. Today we deliver just that.”  Lyron Wahrmann, Surecomp’s head of digitalization  agreed and added “SureStore is a game-changer. These apps will empower our customers to take a decades-old industry and turn it on its head, we look forward to collaboration with new and existing clients.” ###

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