AMS International

AMS International


Member Level: Large Corporate Member
Contact Person: Smita Prabhakar
Address: Office 102, Building # 2 (Sony)
Dubai Internet CityDubai
United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 391 0571 Fax: +971 4 391 6880

HR is our vanguard, and our range of services and products includes Recruitment, HR Outsourcing, HR Consultancy, Sales Personnel Management and Payroll Solutions.

Our consultants are experienced, well versed and passionate about providing high quality deliverables and measurable results.

The advantage of having skilled personnel and a comprehensive scope of activities in each of these divisions means that clients are offered HR solutions designed specifically for their corporate culture with the singular aim of making their company structure more efficient and cost effective.

AMS believes that in today’s hi-tech world the needs of any company can change swiftly. It has therefore ensured an inbuilt upgrade flexibility that allows it to add new values when needed.

Tell us how we can help you, and we’ll set up your customised, cost-effective, and trouble-free HR outsourcing solution as early as yesterday.