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A Unified Solution Delivering Comprehensive Insights:


  • Companies, Directors, Shareholders, Shareholdings & Ultimate Beneficiaries: Unravel the corporate maze with a click.
  • Sanctioned Entities: Stay updated with global watchlists.
  • Wanted Individuals: Identify and avoid partnerships with individuals facing legal scrutiny.
  • Oligarchs, Debarred Entities, Banned Directors: Reduce risk of entanglement in future legal problems. 
  • Politically Exposed Persons: Helping you validate high-profiles individuals.
  • Terrorists & Financial Crime: Safeguard against partnerships that can tarnish your reputation.
  • Ranswomware Bank Accounts and Cryptocurrency Wallets: bEnsuring that you are dealing with legal partners
  • Asset Registries, Ship and Aircraft Registries: Obtain insights into the financial instruments and assets of potential partners.
  • Linked Addresses: Know more than just names, but also the addresses behind them.

Our extensive data sources encompass 316 company registries, sanction bodies, wanted lists, negative media, and so much more, ensuring you receive a fully GDPR compliant, unparalleled view of every entity.