Amerex Corporation

Industry: Fire Safety

Amerex Corporation

Contact Person: Mayra M. Diaz
Address: 7595 Gadsden Hwy

Trussville Alabama 35175

United States

Telephone: +1 205 655 3271
Fax: +1 205 655 0854
Twitter: @AmerexFireGroup
Description: The world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of hand portable and wheeled extinguishers for commercial and industrial applications. With the introduction of state-of the-art gas detection systems along with pre-engineered fire suppression systems for vehicles, commercial cooking operations and paint spray booths, Amerex has earned a reputation for excellence in the fire protection industry.

Products include:

–          Hand Portable Extinguishers

–          Brackets

–          Vehicle Systems

–          Restaurant Systems

–          Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

–          Methane Gas Detection