A modern, online marketplace offering the logistics community a centralized location through a Q&A hub, RFQs & more

Original. Comprehensive. Reliable, modern, online logistics marketplace and service provider.

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA /EINPresswire.com/ — A modern, online marketplace offering the logistics community a centralized location for recognition through a Q&A knowledge hub, RFQs, awards, peer reviews, data, news, and more.

Original. Comprehensive. Reliable. In simple terms, there is no cohesive, modern, online logistics marketplace and service quite like Locada. The logistics industry has been fragmented for many years. Locada’s mission is to bring transparency to the industry by connecting major players in the logistics community and establishing a true turn-key logistics destination.

Locada provides an extensive platform for users to search for 3PL providers, technology service providers, trucking companies, and freight forwarders, while also allowing them to directly submit RFPs to premium providers. Locada delivers valuable insights, the ability to generate valuable SEO content and enables industry providers to promote their companies’ videos, accolades, and leadership perspectives. Locada allows premium industry providers to generate recognition via Locada community awards, which are focused on several supply chain categories.

Additionally, in order to create a user-friendly, transparent, and successful logistics community, Locada will help professionals achieve the following goals:

• Discover providers with the best capabilities. While utilizing Locada’s platform, users will locate providers that have the best capabilities to suit their unique needs.
• Evaluate reviews. As users seek out providers that are the most suitable for them, they will also evaluate providers’ ratings and reviews.
• Find new services. By locating new providers for their distinct needs, users will discover new services they can utilize in the future.
• Improve web presence. Through Locada’s offerings, users can enhance their web presence considerably.
• Network, communicate, and collaborate. As a result of Locada’s community-based focus, users will network and collaborate with fellow logistics professionals globally.
• Receive answers. Users also have the opportunity to ask the Locada community a question on any logistics topic and receive responses.
• Service unique needs quickly. Regardless of their logistics needs, users will find an appropriate professional in a timely manner.
• Submit RFPs. If users would like to submit requests for proposals (RFPs), they will do so through Locada’s platform.
“The logistics community and overall space is ripe for modernization, defragmentation, creativity, growth, and collaboration” said Gary Aires, CEO and founder of Locada. “It’s a turning point for everyone, and the timing is perfect. I can’t wait to see how Locada transforms the industry”

Complimentary listings will be available for providers. Locada will also offer premium listings and advertising opportunities. Users should stay tuned for updates on new features, as exciting, new services will be continually offered. For information about special rates and other opportunities, including Locada’s mailing list, please visit www.locada.com or send an email to info@locada.com.

About Locada
Founded in 2022, Locada is a modern, cohesive logistics community and marketplace with a mission to defragment the logistics industry and establish a turn-key logistics destination. The Locada platform allows individuals and companies to search for providers, pricing, and logistics-related services. Locada users gain recognition through Locada community awards, generate reviews, improve their web presence, view ratings for logistics providers, and follow logistics-related accolades as they are presented to organizations and individuals. Locada also offers the opportunity to connect via a Q&A knowledge hub, request and submit RFPs, and find solutions to any logistics issue—all in one centralized platform. For more information, please visit www.locada.com.

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