Incubator (StartUp) Benefits

6 Months Free Helpdesk Software with Zendesk

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Better customer service comes from better relationships with your customers.

Whether they reach out to you with questions, want to find answers on their own, or need to be proactively engaged, Zendesk makes communicating with customers easy and efficient.


Qualified startups get 6 months FREE (on the regular plan for 3 agents).


  • Technology or internet companies less than 18 months old, with less than 10 employees and less than $1M in funding
  • New customers only.

Important Notes:

  • If you are an enrolled ITC member or are part of the Council’s business incubator then you may contact us to access this benefits package.
  • Some benefits may not be valid for all International Trade Council incubated startups and may depend on your business type.
  • Some benefits are valid only based on your country of formation, company size, age of your company, number of employees, revenue and/or profitability.
  • Remember to use your COMPANY address when applying for a benefit – not your residential address.