10 Powerful & Persuasive Words To Use In Your Marketing Content

Almost every business, large or small, is using some form of online marketing to grow their brand. If you’re one of them, you probably know the basics by now. Having a professional website with an updated blog, creating tailored content for your social channels, and sending out informative email newsletters to your contacts should all be part of the equation, but if you’re not using the right buzzwords, your conversion could be lagging. These 10 marketing power-words will get people clicking and your numbers going up in no time.


Hack: Popular and on-trend, this word gets people clicking. Why? It gives the sense that a juicy, super handy tip is about to be revealed – and in today’s fast-paced world every tip counts. Be aware that if you do use this word though, you’ll be expected to deliver the goods in the form of an actual helpful hack.


Sale: Pretty self explanatory, but this list would not be complete without it. Using ‘Sale’ is a sure-fire way to give your customers more than a little incentive to buy. Bonus points will be given (in the form of more purchases) if you combine it with the next word on this list…


Exclusive: Welcome to the VIP. Laying out this red carpet of a word tends to make people feel like they’re part of a special club, or at very least, that they’re getting whatever it is (a deal, special treatment, info) before others do. Incorporating it into your content will make for higher conversion – just don’t use it too often or it will lose its exclusive luster.


Free: What’s better than ‘on sale’? You guessed it. No matter what you’re offering up, this four letter powerhouse makes it instantly more enticing. However, since so many other marketers have caught on already, it can be considered spammy if used improperly. Steer clear of the spam stigma by pairing it with a genuine offer that uses your brand’s own voice and you’ll be just fine.


You\Your: There’s no denying it – studies show that addressing people directly through your marketing efforts makes for more engagement. So next time you’re writing that email newsletter, try writing it as if you’re talking to one reader. You just might be surprised by how much more engagement You receive. See what we did there?


How To: Similar to its cousin ‘Hack’, this duo lays it out plain and simple – you’re about to learn something. People turn to the internet for many things, and finding out how to do things is high up on the list. If you have expert knowledge to share (on adding text your images, for example), you’ve got people who want to know about it.


Now: There’s no time like the present when you’re trying to get people to engage with your brand. Using this action word gives people a sense of time and urgency. Most good CTAs will have a ‘Now’ in them for this reason alone.


New: If you’ve got something newsworthy to tell your contacts, followers or fans, this is a word you’re going to want to employ. Like the color yellow, our eyes just tend to find this shiny word in the crowd. Don’t be shy with it’s usage – if you’ve got a new item, service, or other update – let everyone know!


Tips: If it’s not exactly a handy ‘Hack’ and you don’t feel ready to give a step-by-step ‘How To’, you’ve always got tips. This buzzword is more general in nature yet still extremely tempting for people to click through to. Pair it with a number to let people know how many tips they’re going to get and you’ve reached conversion nirvana.


Thank You: All the marketing ploys in the world can’t match the power of a humble and heart-felt ‘Thank You.” Letting people know you appreciate their time, business, or otherwise, is just plain polite. With that said, being polite is often not forgotten, and you just may get the chance to say ‘Thank You’ to them again soon.